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PostSubject: Re: Neon   Thu 12 May - 18:54

Not having the presence of mind to recognize Wild's sarcasm, Blazon took a step towards the exit, without really pausing to think about what he would do next. What seemed right was to be on the move, and so he would accompany that gut feeling with action. Before going under, he hadn't known if he would be relieved to wake up again or if he'd be content passing on—in a sense more permanent than Blaze had. Well, now he knew. He was relieved to be awake and alive...but not among the living. He would rather be alone, away from any prodding hands and staring eyes.

Unfortunately, his hastily set-upon plan of action was thwarted before Wild had counted half way down from ten. His hands, shaky and sweating slightly, lost grip on the IV pole, and Blazon found himself sprawled on the floor, his head receiving a dull shock on the hard tiled floor.

Dr. Gelrik entered in time to hear Blazon's grunt as the impact pushed all the air from his lungs.
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