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 LWC: L@Y3r3:D wOrld c0ZcepT

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PostSubject: Re: LWC: L@Y3r3:D wOrld c0ZcepT   Sun 27 Nov - 17:02

Lost in a mixed state of confusion and disgust as he watched the bugs have what he could only assume to be a garbled conversation composed of only the most repulsive sounds (an image sure to fuel his nightmares for weeks), Exiik was utterly relieved when Prise began making his way towards them on his own, negating any need for them to step in and help. If there was one thing he truly hated, it was insects; especially those large enough to pick up a small human, and smart enough to have a conversation about it. If there was one thing he hated more, though, it was going back on his word, and though his help hadn't exactly been sealed and sworn, the offer was enough to bind him. With Prise on his way back, however, he could stop sweating before anyone noticed- though Dr.Oktapuri seemed to have something of the opposite in mind.

Looking only for a moment at the doctor as her hand found a place on his back, Exiik forced his attention forward onto the upcoming Prise. Even so with his eyes diverted, however, his attention remained in her grasp, and he couldn't help but smirk as the guard to his right requested that she 'stop throwing off his aim'.

Dr.Oktapuri's attention turning back to him, Exiik instinctively turned his head to face her when Prise's return saved him. After all, he wasn't nearly as smooth (or disinterested) as Mr.'you're throwing off my aim'.

Minna, thankfully, didn't seem too interested in his dilemma, her focus instead on the situation at hand. Looking torn between a laugh and a concerned frown at Prise's rather disheveled state. It wasn't enough to save him, though, as the lag in conversation was just enough for the good doctor to spark up again forcing Exiik into a rather awkward open-mouthed state as he tried to form a quick, clever, and/or coherent response to her offer only to find himself out of time in the blink of an eye. The other two had simply rolled their eyes, and he had a feeling that they would be getting along just fine. Him, however...

"Yeah," Exiik answered with a quick nod to Prise, taking up again on his offer as quickly as it had become irrelevant, hoping only that it didn't mean he was going to be confronting the ugly creatures who had started the whole fiasco. In all honesty, though, he wasn't sure which was more terrifying: them, or Dr.Oktapuri.

The moment Prise was finished explaining, Exiik let out a quick "Sure, I'm on it!" with a heart-felt thumbs up to seal it, in need of the distraction. "Minna, wait here, alright?" About to argue, Exiik placed a hand on her head and ruffled it, forcing her to fix the bandana as it fell over her eyes just long enough for him to jog off towards the hill.

"So much for adventure." She grumbled in his wake.

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LWC: L@Y3r3:D wOrld c0ZcepT
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